Celebrating Small Business Saturday!

Hello, Friends!

A big hearty THANK YOU to Emily and Jordan, the owners of www.recreativespaces.com who hosted the Saturday, November 26, 2016 Shop Small Business Saturday event.   I am grateful for this initiative by American Express as this provided the opportunity to encourage the public to support small businesses and another avenue for me to sell the Bolga baskets from Ghana , raffia bowls from Uganda, and other artisan-made products  in a local setting with other vendors.  Thank you to my customers for your support!

Enjoy some photos from the event!

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African Bolga Baskets from the Market to the Exhibit Hall

Hello Friends!

It has been such a busy season for Maragiya as we have been working hard to spread the brand’s name by exhibiting at conferences and selling our beautiful Ghanaian bolga baskets at farmer’s markets. Our customers love them as they are very colorful (fitting for the fall weather with all the beautiful colors) and durable to hold loads of fruits and vegetables!

We are expanding our home decor line to include other African basketry, so that you can have the right storage accessory and decorative basket for your home and interior decoration needs! Right now our line includes handcrafted baskets from Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, and Lebanon ( will explain more about these palm leaf baskets in a separate post).

Our African basketry line will include bold colors, patterns and unique shapes, bicycle baskets, extra large size market baskets, and laundry baskets to name a few.  Please check out our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and webpages as we add more of these new baskets.

Enjoy the photos below of the fruits of our hard work!

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